My Recommendations Week 10

When I researched this weeks topic I have to admit I was somewhat naïve. Dark net and elusive marketplaces remind me of stuff you would see on James Bond or some other spy thriller. I was really taken back, and watched hours of documentaries and TedTalks on the other internet and why we as a culture have become so obsessed with anonymity. Many people feel that personal privacy is so important and necessary, that it is worth what it contributes in illicit activities.

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Beres, D. (2015, August, 19). What You Should Know About The ‘Dark Web,’ An Anonymous Haven For Hackers. retrieved October 31 2015, from The Huffingtonost Web Site:

Bartlett, J. (TedTalks). (2015, September 24). How the Mysterious Dark Net Is Going Mainstream | Jamie Bartlett | TED Talks. Retrieved from The Dark Net, Jamie Bartlett / YouTube

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