My Recommendations Week 6

As I reflect on my experiences with politics and media I remember a time when I worked on a campaign for a local government official. I was so excited to help and see the inner workings of a political operation, so very intrigued by the art of it. I also remember when President Obama ran, it was the first time I witnessed the impact social media had on the election process and it made me and alot of my other friends feels like we did that, our tweet, post, and forwarded message made that happen. In a TedxTalk, Mark Shepard discusses how political assesibility afforded by digital technology has led to an upsurge in rude and disrespectful comments that have become the norm on social media. Shepard discussed how to avoid these behaviors and how to communicate responsibly your opinions. I found this commentary interesting because a lot of use believe that because social media is a platform to express yourself, that it gives your a license to be disrespectful without responsibility. I believe we should be reminded that we all have an opinion that should be heard but you don’t have to tear others down to achieve that.

Shepard,M.(TedxTalks). (2014,July,23). The impact of social media in political debate/Mark Shepard/TedxGlasgow. Retrieved fromĀ The impact of social media in political debate / YouTube


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