My Recommendations Week 5

The digital age has allowed people access to even the most secluded parts of the globe. Everything we know and experience, has the possibility of being shared with any number of people, at any time. While most of us share the joys of our life’s experiences on social media, the internet has afforded us a platform to share the face of injustice. Information is at the ready whenever social conflicts arise and whom it reaches is not explicitly controlled by gate keepers.

The Gezi Park Protests in Turkey exampled how social activism has transformed with the aid of social media. The demonstrations started with when a small group of citizens enacted a sit in to protests the demolition of Gezi Park in Istanbul, Turkey to make way for a mall. The ruling government party Adaletve Kalkinma Parties, AKP, had been gentrifying the city center which angered and displaced many citizens. Coupled with police brutality and unlawful rules, the people began to rebel against the government in the form of mass protests on a weekly bases. In the short documentary Gezi Park Protest in Turkey the filmmakers chronicle the uprising and how social media was utilized by the participants. Gezi Park Protest /YouTube

I also recommend Youth collective activism through social media: The role of collective efficacy by Alcides Velasquez, Robert Larose. This articles explores the reasons why  youth participate in collective online political activism.

Busch,S., Büsch,T. (Documentary). (2013. November,5). Gezi Park Protests in Turkey (2013)-Documentary. Retrieved from Gezi Park Protests /YouTube

Larose, R., Velasquez, A. (2015). Youth collective activism through social media:the role of collective. New media and society. 17(6)899-918.


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